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     By: Roger Sleger            Last updated: March 18, 2014


Knowledgeable, experienced dancers will tell you "If you want to become a better dancer - work on your basics!" A convenient and inexpensive way to do that is to through videos from reputable instructors. To help you with the five core dances that our Swing Club dancers do, here are some suggested Internet links. Mouse click on any of the links below and they will take you right to the on-line videos. Unfortunately, some of the videos are preceded by advertising. Just wait for the ads to finish or skip them when you can.


West Coast Swing (WCS)

  WCS basics with Robert Royston    About Robert Royston

    Left side pass    Under arm pass (or right side pass)   Sugar push     Sugar tuck
    Turning basic    Locked whip   Basic whip   Whip with inside turn    Whip with outside turn
  WCS basics 101 with Michael Kiehm (while vacationing in Hawaii)

    Left side pass   Under arm pass (or right side pass)
    Sugar push    Starter step    Basic whip

  WCS 101 with Erik and Anna Novoa


To further your dancing skills, go to "" and "Subscribe" to Michael's growing series of mostly WCS dance tips. It's rare for an instructor of Michael's level to publicly offer so much advanced material for free.

Finally, here's a nicely detailed video on how to step and flow to West Coast Swing music.



East Coast Swing (ECS)

  ECS basics with Robert Royston   About Robert Royston

    Basic rhythm in close position    Left side pass    Underarm turn

    Underarm turn with a hand change    Tuck turn with a free spin

    Elbow turn    Wrap in - wrap out    Sweetheart

    Barrel roll    Bow tie    She He turn

    Single time swing


  Plus a few nice videos by Joe Baker. 
    Basic steps plus several patterns

    Demo of a variety of patterns



Night Club Two-Step (NC2)

  There are several ways to start this dance and count its timing.
     We recommend following how your regular instructor starts and counts it.
  Beginner lesson series by Jo Thompson and Tim Szymanski
   Starting footwork and closed basics
   Outside and Inside turns
   Left turning basic
   Right turning basic w outside turn + Traveling left basic w inside turn
   Lunge basic  
   Connecting patterns together

  Current day dancers typically do a smooth "Drift Cross" pattern as explained in this
    Michael Kiehm video which also includes the "Alternative basic."



Cha Cha

This Latin dance has Cuban hip motion. So don't be afraid to try it!

4 Basic elements of Cha Cha    Top 3 tips
Under arm turn   Outside partner breaks
Cross over breaks w underarm turn    Spot Turn
Cross body lead >> with inside turn
Open break w underarm turn
Chase step  >> with half turns  >> with full turns  
     Chase lock step
Turning basic 

And here's a nice beginner lesson video with Joe Baker.



Here's a few videos to get you started in this fun dance.
   Hustle 101 with Erik and Anna Novoa:

   Learn to dance Hustle, Volume 1 with Joe Baker:




Get Inspired - Watch the Pros on YouTube!


Short of attending major, weekend dance events, the next best thing you can do to inspire yourself to dance better is to watch dance pros perform in exhibitions and competitions. Here's a partial list of top-level swing dancer links to check out on YouTube. Keep in mind that each dancer has his or her own unique style and personality.  And the world of swing dancing is constantly changing.


Arjay Centeno

Kyle Redd

Robert Royston

Barry Jones

Luis Crespo

Ronnie Debenedetta

Ben Morris

Manny Viarrial

Sarah Vann Drake

Benji Schwimmer

Mario Robau Jr.

Taletha Jouzdani

Brandi Tobias

Mary Ann Nunez

Tatiana Mollman

Brennar Goree

Melissa Rutz

Tessa Cunningham

Doug Silton

Michael Kiehm

Torri Smith

Gary McIntyre

Michael Kielbasa

Yvonne Wayne

Jason Wayne

Mike & Amber Cross


John Lindo

Myles Munroe


Jordan Frisbee

Parker Dearborn


Kurt Senser

Patty Vo