If you dance....don't forget your shoes!

Dance shoes can make a huge difference in your ability to dance. Most people donít realize how big a difference until they experience it.

Dance shoes help you:
    Stay balanced and in control
    Turn more easily, with reduced stress on your body
    Move more comfortably on the floor

Dance shoes are lightweight, comfortable, flexible, made of suede and/or leather, and usually have some built-in cushioning in the sole. They give your foot more freedom of movement than regular shoes. Their soles provide the slip and grip characteristics that dancers need. They make turning much easier, thereby protecting you from knee or other damage.

The biggest difference between dance shoes and normal shoes is that dance shoes have special soles. They are only worn indoors, usually on a wood floor, so they don't need the durability of a leather or rubber sole. Suede soles are smooth enough to slide easily on the dance floor, but tacky enough to not be overly slippery.

Ladies shoes often have straps around the ankle that help hold your foot in place. This provides a lot more stability when turning or doing some of the more complicated movements.

A viable alternative to buying dance-specific shoes is to put dance suede on the bottom of shoes that you may already own that fit well and are comfortable. Rosendahl Foot & Shoe Center in
Boise can apply dance suede, at a reasonable price. Or you could try putting the suede on yourself. You can purchase adhesive backed dance shoe suede online at soles2dance.com.

Dance shoes should fit a little tighter than regular shoes, especially when they're new. They are often made of soft materials that stretch over time and mould better to your foot. So when you buy them, you'll want them to be somewhat snug on your feet.

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